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What makes yogahaven Teacher Training special?

Our 200hr Intensive yogahaven Teacher Training takes place in two beautiful locations, Morocco and Greece in one week with further training back in the UK broken down into modules to allow study and practice time. We take pride in our inclusive, non-dogmatic and fun approach to study and yoga.

Our 200hr course will cover 18 days, totaling 180 contact hours and a minimum of 35 non-contact hours by the way of assignments plus on-going self study.

What level do I need to be to join the course?

For the 200hr intensive you must have been practicing yoga yourself for a minimum of 2 years.That’s a consistent practice of 3 x per week over 2 years. We do however take into account other disciplines and regular practices such as pilates, fitness instructor etc.

For any of our Advanced yoga courses, you must have already completed a 200 hour certified yoga teacher training.

Can I come try a yogahaven class before I go?

Please do! We have studios across the UK – Birmingham, Brighton and three in London at Clapham, Islington and Richmond. If you can, come enjoy a class with and and say hello. See our yogahaven studio website for locations and class schedules.

What books are on the yogahaven Teacher Training essential reading list?

The following is a sugested reading list on our 200 hour yoga teacher training, it is merely a source of inspiration should you choose it. On the course we will give lots of other suggestions too.
How Yoga Works – Geshe Michael Roach
The Bhagavad Gita – Eknath Easwaran
Light on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali –  B.K.S Iyengar
The Miracle of Mindfulness – Tich Nhat Hanh
Bringing Yoga to Life – Donna Farhi

Do I need to prepare anything before yogahaven Teacher Training begins?

We will be sending out yogahaven Teacher Training manuals before you travel so you have time to get familiar with the course plan and begin to take a deeper look at the postures. You don’t have to read it in advance as we will work through it together in depth. There might be a little bit of homework to prepare, but nothing big so not to worry.

Begin reading the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita as soon as you can – they can be a bit tricky to get into. There are also video versions of Bhagavad Gita and resources online that are helpful.

What is included in the yogahaven Teacher Training fee?

The fee will include two weeks accommodation, and three meals a day with added teas, coffees and snacks – breakfast, lunch and dinner every evening at sunset!

The Morocco course includes airport transfers to and from our retreat, you will be greeted at the airport and driven to the villa.

Our Greek location does not include transfers, you will need to make your own way to the venue. When you arrive at Athens International Airport take a train to Korinthos (the final destination on that train journey is Kaito – approx. 1 hr). From Korinthos train station you will need to get a taxi, which is € 70 to the Port town of Epidavros, where our yoga accommodation is. Quite often students arrange to meet up at Athens airport and travel down together, sharing taxis. We always set up a Facebook group prior to the start of the course. yogahaven does not organise travel from Athens but you are welcome to exchange details with other students and make your own plans.

You are responsible for paying for and organising your own flights.

The weekend modules are also included, with no hidden costs but you are responsible for finding your own accommodation in London.

Is this an accredited course?

Yes. On successful completion of the yogahaven Teacher Training course students will be accredited as 200hr Yoga Teachers. This means students are entitled to use the letters RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and benefit from a discounted rate for yoga insurance through yogahaven

We support the Independent Yoga Network (they’re a similar company to yoga alliance but with core values and beliefs that are more aligned with our own) so you could also register with them should you wish to.

Once certified from the yogahaven Teacher Training students are then free to teach yoga safely to any markets and students.

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend bringing a wide range of comfy clothes you can move in – yoga clothes, swimwear, layers if the evenings are chilly, and clothes for your days off if you choose to travel into town. Keep in mind that in Morocco you will need to bring long sleeved tops, skirts or trousers to visit the markets. There are also laundry facilities onsite in Morocco**** should anything need washed, but there is a charge.

Please bring your Teacher Training manual and the books on the reading list. You don’t need to bring your yoga mat as those are provided, but you may wish to bring a yoga towel to place on top of your mat.

Bring toiletries – sunscreen and bug spray would be good to have. Also bring any travel first-aid kits you would normally take on holiday.

What currency should I bring? How much money will I need?

Bring Euros for Greece. There are cash machines in Agadir airport for you to withdraw Dirham for Morocco. It is not allowed to bring Dirham in or out of the country.

Make sure you withdraw enough cash for extras like bottled water, laundry if you need it and extra activities like surfing or horse riding trips. In our two week stay there will be two evening meals taken outside of the Accommodation and there will be two days of adventuring to be done if you wish. Please bring enough for your two meals and any activities you wish to do. If you plan to go shopping in the markets, set your budget and stick to it!

From past experiences we recommend bringing around £150 to cover excursions and shopping trips, gifts, hammam, surfing, horse riding etc. You only have two days to spend it. So shouldn’t need more than that.

Do I need to book my own flights?

Yes – You are responsible for paying for and organising your own flights. For our Morocco training book your flight to Agadir airport, for our Greece training book your flight Athens, the airport is connected to the national rail system. You need to arrive and depart on the Saturday, any time of day or evening is fine.

How do I get from the airport to the yogahaven Teacher Training location?

We will arrange someone to meet you at the airport. Just let us know what time you arrive.

The Morocco course fee includes airport transfers to and from our retreat, you will be greeted at the airport and driven to the Villa.

The Greece location does not include transfer costs

How many spaces are on the course?

Our yoga teacher training courses are kept intimate and sell out fast. We only accept a maximum of 25 students at a time.

Will I have a roommate?

Accommodation is shared and you will buddy up with someone. We aim to match our students well so that you both have the best experience possible and create a good support network amongst yourselves. The rooms will be arranged in advance and you will get your assigned room upon arrival. It’ll be a blast!

What social time do we have?

You will have free time in the evenings to study, read, watch movies or play games with the group. People often find themselves having read only a few pages of a book because the evenings can be so fun. If you do need a bit of quiet time, there are always rooms and cosy nooks to retreat to and take a breather.

You also have one day off a week to spend how you choose. There are activities to take part in depending on your location like surfing or horse riding or you can take a trip to local markets or local beauty spots to soak up some sun. If you prefer, you can relax at the Villa by the pool and simply chill out.

Are all our meals included in the fee?

Yes all meals and snacks are included – apart from one night a week when the resident cooks have a night off. One these evenings we like to go for a meal together – there are lots of great options around.

You will need to bring money for bottled water which you can buy in the Villa. We have an ‘Honesty’ tally system in place – mark down anything you take and it will be paid for at the end of your stay.

What is the food like?

Food is freshly prepared, delicious and full of energy-sustaining foods. Don’t worry – you will have more than enough to see you through your training.

I’m vegetarian, will I be catered for?

All our meals will be vegetarian. Hurrah!

I normally eat meat - what about me?

Enjoy your time leading a yogic lifestyle – the meals are satisfying and well-balanced so you will receive all the nutrients your body requires. Any of our previous students who would normally eat meat have found that they don’t notice it’s gone because the food is so tasty, and a few even stuck to the new veggie diet once they got back home!

I have specific dietary requirements, what are my options?

If you have extra dietary requirements (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, wheat intolerance) please let us know in advance so we can offer you variations on your meals. Please bring a selection of your own dairy-free or wheat-free products like Soya/Oat milk, Wheat Free Bread etc. They should only need a maximum of 2 cartons of milk. One per week Max but keep in mind weight and liquid restrictions of your luggage.

What are the areas like?

Our courses are set in beautiful locations that you will fall in love with – either right on the Southern coast of Morocco in view of the sea or our stunning location in Greece overlooking the Meditteranean sea.

What are the villas like?

Rustic, homely, relaxing and kept clean and tidy. Communal areas are spacious and welcoming with lots of elbow room at the dinner table.

Is there Wifi?

Yes. You can bring your own laptop, smart phone or tablet device to make Skype calls back home and stay in touch with loved ones.

What are the yoga spaces like?

In Morocco and Greece we practice on top of the accommodations in a specially built yoga shala. During morning class time in Morocco we watch the sun appear over the top of the Atlas mountains and in the evening in both Greece and Morocco, we practice to a stunning sunset overlooking the ocean.

How much yoga do we do?

A daily morning and evening yoga class with lots of practicing in between. It will be a physical fortnight, though evening classes will vary depending on what the group needs – sometimes a relaxing Restorative or Yin class is just what you need.

What subjects will classes cover?

Our 200hr yogahaven Teacher Training covers Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Chanting, Mantra and Meditation. We also explore the teaching principles of demonstrating, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the students process of learning and the business aspects of yoga. Each day we will spend time looking at practical anatomy and physiology, subtle anatomy (Chakra, Nadis etc) as well as study of yoga philosophies, yoga lifestyle, and ethics for yoga teachers.

Do we have time to study?

There is time each day to study, revise and practice – during the day, evenings and also on your days off.

Will there be tests?

Little, fun ones to check on your progress. Nothing to worry about.

I haven’t been in lessons for a while - how will I get on?

We understand! Our trainings are created to be as involved, hands on and fun as possible. Classes will be scheduled so that we’re never sitting down for too long, but also that when we’re low on physical energy that we can make ourselves comfy with use of yoga props and cushions. When it comes to learning postures, yoga terms and Sanskrit we’ll try to make it as enjoyable as we can, often using games to make it easy. Mostly through daily practice information will sink in naturally.