Our 200-hour yoga teacher training was one of the first in the UK and has been running for well over a decade. It is a comprehensive and inspirational course that will transform your practise and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Perfect for both aspiring teachers and curious practitioners, our teacher training is the essential foundation required to teach hatha, power and flow. At yogahaven, we offer yoga teacher training like no other.

With unrivalled experience, our fully certified and accredited students come out with the confidence and versatility to teach different styles of yoga anywhere in the world.

Our 5 month, weekend based London training affords those who don’t have the opportunity to get away for an intensive course the chance to embark on this life-changing experience, closer to home. So if you live in London or surrounding areas this is an exciting option.

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"We guide you in the right direction as a yoga teacher, whether it be teaching dynamic forms, hot yoga or yoga for rehabilitation."

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