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Do you ever feel like you have to wait until you’re ready to take big action on your dreams?

So many people get caught up in this waiting, for the perfect moment, or for the situation to be just right and they never end up taking action. When they do it’s well overdue. In fact, the phrase we hear the most from our graduates is “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner”

There are always plenty of reasons to hold off on making that first step you’ve been thinking about. Whether it’s reaching out to your yoga teacher to ask those burning questions or perhaps facing your finances to see if you can start a savings plan for training

But a lot of the time, the so-called reasons that we wait – the job, the kids, the relationship – we create out of fear. Instead of feeling the fear and doing it anyway, we use our life circumstances as excuses to stay put in our comfort zones

If what I’m saying is resonating with you, and you know you’ve been waiting until you’re ready to move forward, don’t beat yourself up. We’ve all been there!

I invite you now to recognise the true reasons you’re telling yourself you need to wait, decide if you’re willing, to push past the fear, and think about creative solutions that will let you work towards your dream of becoming a teacher, and be living the life you love

There may be obstacles but unless you start really exploring the possible options nothing will change, and if you’re not happy then that just sucks

The truth is that the timing with never be perfect, and something will always come up

But you can get creative and make your goals a priority. We believe in you!

Come along to one of our taster sessions, you’ll get the chance to meet with other aspiring teacher trainees, chances are, they have the same reservations as you do. Get the conversation started, meet Allie, ask her anything that may be bothering you.

Perhaps this is the right path for you, or maybe not, you won’t know unless you take action

We look forward to meeting you soon!